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February 14, 2010



Thank you for spelling out the reality. There can be no fudge on the abortion issue. It is time to eradicate the cancer of abortion. The GOP must support the Culture of Life. We already have the Democrats and Obama who support a Culture of Death. It is time to stand up for the law of God. It is time to go back to basics. The Fifth Commandment states thou shall not kill.

Jennifer Blei Stockman appeared on the Sean Hannity Show last night, February 15th and essentially declared that abortion was not of importance. She brazenly supported abortion. She and her pro choicers should take a look at the savagery of abortion in Eduardo Verastegui's video portion of which youtube did not carry
It may be accessed here:http://www.massmediamail.com/durarealidad/

Are Republicans for choice prepared to support this in the name of choice? Has God got no say in the matter? Has the innocent unborn child no right to life?
Finally prominent Republicans for Choice should look at any ultrasound on youtube:

Who in his/her sane senses could support the barbarism of abortion?
Those politicians who support abortion pursue Satan's agenda.
It is essential that all GOP candidates are fully committed to the pro- life cause. The days of lip service are over.

Ed Mohs

Thank you, Michelle and Mary! I left that evening knowing who I will support. He is the candidate with the strongest and most articulate positions on the life issues. Thank you!

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