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February 21, 2010


Ernest Huber

I'm a conservative Republican running for Congress against RINO Reichert. I began physically protesting abortions before Roe v. Wade. There are many pro-life arguments, and I agree with them all, but I've chosen the following one for my campaign website because it best describes the threat.


This genocidal horror has surgically ended the lives of over fifty million helpless US citizens since Roe v. Wade in 1973 under the deadly guise of the right to choose. Well, how is that “right” working out for everyone? There aren’t enough Social Security contributors. There aren’t enough people for the military. There aren’t enough workers. Our citizen birthrate is so low, we are projected to be irreversibly into extinction by 2050. We are relying on Mexican invaders as brown slaves to supplement our workforce, and they want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and steal our Southwest.

No one has the right to choose to participate in the destruction of our nation, regardless of how sweetly it‘s marketed or by what name you call it. This wholesale slaughter is a socially engineered war crime of genocide against humanity. If you are prohibited from directly killing 50 million people, you are also prohibited from indirectly killing them using social engineering. Who are these mass murdering "social engineers?" Here's a hint: They're not Conservatives, Constitutionalists, or Christians. Abortion was also a felony forty years ago, and it should be a felony today.

Ernest Huber

Ed Mohs

An excellent analysis! Thank you, Terra! I, too, arrived at the same conclusion: Dr. Coday was the most articulate and convincing of the candidates.

Terra Mork

Thanks Ed!

Ernest, this is a bit off topic...I would like to comment on your platform statement. While of course I agree with your position on abortion, I am troubled by your statement about "Mexican invaders". Besides being inflamatory, I don't think it's accurate to lump together our Mexican neighbors that way. Some of my dear friends are Mexicans who have built their lives here, and have richly blessed mine. Regardless of the intention, I would not be comfortable aligning myself with a candidate who used that kind of language.

Ernest Huber


Years ago when I'd return from sea to my homeport and family in San Diego after sitting on top of Soviet nuclear missile-shooting subs for months, my wife would tell me of the Mexican invaders streaming down our street and through our lawn committing various crimes. The border patrol was helplessly understaffed and told the citizens we were on our own. The police and fire departments told the citizens that due to the lack of tax base and the huge numbers of Mexican invaders, we were on our own. The stars and stripes on houses' flagpoles were replaced with the Mexican invaders' tricolor. The Mexican invaders brought diseases unheard of since the Middle Ages. Their crime rate was and is horrendous. They illegally worked for slave wages, destroying our middle class, causing massive unemployment and foreclosures. Communist Daniel Noriega's Secretary of State held an agitation/propaganda rally at the Tijuana bullring telling Mexicans to cross the border and kill ten gringos each. Armed Mexican Federales would regularly cross the border and hold up American campers in our parks. Most of the children born in local hospitals had mothers who had invaded from Mexico, and went immediately on welfare. We still support them. Mexican and American communist party members were regularly at the border crossings directing the invasion with their bullhorns. The above actions have continued unabated.

It is what it is, and that's an invasion. I don't care if you think it's inflammatory. I don't care if you think it's accurate. I don't care if you have Mexican friends. And if you are in denial you won't defend the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic, and are incapable of supporting anyone who does, regardless of what euphemisms they might use.

Your comments disrespect those who have been defending your life, including me. I will continue to defend you in Congress, because you are "lumped together" with those who have "richly blessed" me.



In your original comment, when you reffered to "Mexican invaders", I assumed you did not mean all people of Mexican decent who happen to live in the U.S., but instead, people who have actually invaded (that is, broke the law to come here) and particularly, people who committ violent crimes and even more particularly, people who want to claim part of America as "Aztlán".

I was hoping when Terra took offense to it, as an insult to the friends she has who are of Mexican decent--and I'm sure law abiding citizens and good and honest people--you would have come here to clarify that there was a misunderstanding. Perhaps she is not in denial, but simply has not seen what you have seen around the southern border. Upon reading your last response, I'm not so sure there was a misunderstanding. You have further insulted her by implying she is in denial and "incapable of supporting anyone who does (defend the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic). Further, you have left the impression that Terra was correct in assuming you were referring to all people of Mexican decent.

Ernest, I can appreciate what you've seen and am grateful for your defense of our country. But I think that you need to be careful about stereotyping people (or appearing as if you are)if you want to succeed in your goals. I too, want to defend America's sovereignty and I too, want Dave Reichert defeated by a conservative Republican. But I'm afraid your approach will only undermine these goals. I'm not in the 8th Congressional District. But I truly hope that Reichert's conservative challenger will do much better at making the case for securing our borders and defending life.

Check out Art Coday's approach to the issue of illegal immigration. He solidly defends securing the borders, and yet, is compassionate toward all human beings, regardless of where they come from. http://codayforussenate.com/index.php/news/20-press-coverage/33-watch-art-on-kcts-9-connects

Ernest Huber


The issues are clear. The hypotheticals are clear. My approach is clear. What is also clear is that you and Terra have not read my campaign website. http://elect.ErnestHuberForCongress.com/

There was no stereotyping: "Mexican invaders" is in no way equivalent to "Mexican immigrants."

The Mexican invasion is a national defense issue. Abortion is a national defense issue. I've made excellent cases for opposing both.


You're right that I haven't read your website. I've read what you have written here. I understand full well the difference because it is an issue I have spent time working on. Terra did not see the difference, and rather than clarifying it for her and persuade her to the cause, you chose to further insult her. Good luck with trying to persuade people that way. I just think you should try another approach.

Ernest Huber


Come now. My initial comments were certainly not addressed to Terra, but she chose to personalize them and pick a fight with sweet ad hominems which prompted my responses. You escalated by fallaciously calling them insults. We have much more important things to attend to than mock indignation over fabricated touchings to our thin skins.

Our nation in extremis. It's not politics-as-usual. I'm going to Congress to fight on the floor of the House so you won't have to fight the bad guys on the floor of your house.

I'm in close contact with dozens of first-time Congressional and Senatorial candidates and we know the US is close to going down. We have less than a one year window of opportunity to do emergency damage control. Most of the candidates are veterans and we agree that failure is not an option.

My website has gone viral worldwide because people in other countries know that if we go done, they go down. My "approach" is not intended for everyone. It's primarily for the good 5% who will be doing the physical fighting against the bad 5%. The remaining 90% will be on the sidelines, as they have been throughout history, waiting to see who their next leaders (or executioners) will be.

I'm fighting for your life, too. If your good luck wish was sarcasm, then I'll accept your apology and campaign support.


Clint Didier should immediately be considered not a viable pro-life candidate. It's highly disrespectful not to show-up at such a candidate forum, but to have a surrogate in his place.

If I was running such a forum I would tell the surrogate, sorry, this is only for the candidates themselves. But then I would give Clint Didier his allotted time (which would be silence since he isn't there) which would emphasize his absence even more.

And like when it was Didier's turn to respond to a question I would go like "Didier, your response.." (which of course would be silence).

Candidate forums are for candidates. They are not for surrogates!


Williams was simultaneously upfront about his beliefs, and about how social issues would not be his priority as senator.

That's "mainstreamer" speak for "get to the back of the bus you religious freak".

I would rather see Patty Murray get re-elected than to see a RINO in the McCain image get elected.

JUST SAY NO TO RINOS. For THEY are the "GREATER of two evils".

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