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March 06, 2009



It is bad enough when the mainstream media censors you, but when “your side” does it, that is the worst.

Here is a case where a talk show host is being booted from a “Christian” Broadcast radio station for telling the truth about Milt Romney and the so called “Christian” organizations that support him.

A Christian broadcaster should put the truth beyond everything else, even finances but here you have them acting in the most unchristian of manner.

Gregg Jackson booted from so called Christian radio station for telling the truth about Milt Romney.


All the horrors that Obama does, while indeed they of course bother me don’t depress me even a fraction as much as does when I hear about something like this. I know Obama is bad but stuff like this snuffs off any chance of any light being at the end of the tunnel. So we suffer four to eight years of Obama only to have to suffer through another Bush (this time in the form of Romney or whoever) again. And then after that person another Obama (probably although right now unimaginable even worse than him) and so on and so on in this downward spiral.

But it doesn’t help to not face things as they are and just bury our heads in the sand. It’s OUR OWN people who seem to working against us. At least Obama “looks like a wolf”. where these people are wolves as well but dressed up in sheep’s clothing.

Here is Gregg Jackson’s web page so you can see that he really is one of the good guys. And because of that a so called Christian organization has banned his speech. It seems like we need to be even more wary of those who say they are on our side.


Click my name for an audio you can download about this situation.

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