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November 19, 2008



I read with interest the linked article about Michael Steele. I have heard rumors about his pro-choice "leanings" and have had some concern about this. I have always believed him to be a strong prolife, conservative and recently signed a petition to draft him for the RNC. After I read your linked article, I did a little digging and found this one too from the Weekly Standard:


I love your blog, BTW. Keep up the great work you do!


Thanks for your comment, Melissa.

I read the linked article by Mary Katherine Ham. She's very young and new to this and has not yet realized the game that the pro-abortion wing of the party plays with this issue. Whether or not Steele is pro-abortion (and by the way, simply being in favor of regulations on abortion does not make one pro-life), he aided a notorious pro-abortion Republican--Christine Todd Whitman in forming her organization to help move the party to being more "inclusive" (not just towards all people, but all points of view on fundamental issues), and he is now saying he left the organization on a procedural issue, not an issue of philosophy. Take a look at the Republican Leadership Council's "strategic partners" list, which existed long before Steele's decision to leave the group, at its formation, in fact.



I had seen the list of strategic partners too. It is disturbing to know that he helped organize this group. I have seen him on FoxNews and not as a host, but in a very candid interview online. I was very impressed with him. I don't know how one can be against embryonic stem cell research and yet be pro-abortion. Maybe he is trying to please everyone? Very confusing.

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