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August 18, 2008



My sign bugs you? Why is that? As you might guess, I haven't done anything with that website in quite some time.


Feddie, I love what you accomplished, but the sign still bugs me. Well, because while we succeeded in preventing Rudy from getting the nomination, it still seems premature to say "mission accomplished". Not only is McCain's committment to protecting life highly questionable, but now he's floating the idea of a pro-choice VP. And even the idea of Rudy himself as VP. The sign is very reminiscent of the one Pres. Bush had placed above the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.


BTW, it might be time to resurrect the movement.

john barry

A pro abort running mate means destruction for McCain. He will lose a large number of states as GOP voters stay at home or peel off to a third party candidate. Many southern states will be lost especially as Obama will benefit from a massive African American turn out. He will destroy the party if he chooses Tom Ridge or Lieberman.

Large numbers of Catholics and Evangelicals just are not prepared to accept a pro abort under any circumstances. There are some in the GOP floating Tom Ridges name working on the assumption that Catholics will vote for a McCain/Ridge ticket because Ridge is a Catholic. Forget it. Ridge is at odds with Catholic teaching on abortion consequently he will frighten off millions of potential GOP voters.

McCain has plenty of potential running mates who will attract votes instead of frightening them off. Sarah Palin is a fiscal conservative with a strong pro life record. As a woman candidate she would attract female voters in droves. Many women voters both Independent and Democratic are smarting at the defeat of Hillary Clinton. In protest some of these will vote for McCain especially if there is a woman on the ticket. It would be an imaginative move to draft her. Other potential running mates such as Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal and Tim Pawlenty amongst others are safer bets than Tom Ridge.

The Democrats are the party of death. The GOP up to now has been the party of life. There is no room for a second party of death.

John McCain needs to remember that Christian conservatives are not prepared to compromise on the abortion issue. In 1992 third party candidate Ross Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote - approximately 19,741,065 votes. George Bush Senior lost this election to Bill Clinton. Such is the influence of third party candidates.

A similar fate awaits John McCain unless he listens to the grass roots. He may gain a few pro abort votes by choosing Ridge but these will not compensate for the millions who will leave the party.

Just remember that a pro abort Vice President may have to assume the office of President at any time. Millions of Christian conservatives are not prepared to take that risk. They will make their views known in the ballot box or by abstaining. They will not be mollified by promises. They will not be won over. There can be no compromise on the right to life for Christians who believe in the Fifth Commandment. It is a pro life running mate or nothing.


I hope you saw the news this morning. I didn't think he'd pick her, but I'm very, very pleased he did.



Yes, I did. Many are wishing she was at the top of the ticket. I dont' think McCain knew just how good his choice is. Check out Doug's report on this news: http://thereaganwing.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/mccain-shocks-the-world-picks-republican-running-mate/.

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