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January 09, 2008


Brad  Bromage

The very fact that "King of Corruption" Tom Delay hates McCain, makes me to support McCain.

Also I don't see any point mentioning McCain supports abortion in your link above. His profile in newspapers say otherwise - http://politics.nytimes.com/election-guide/2008/issues/index.html#/context=detail/issue=abortion/candidateA=mccain/candidateB=allRep

You are not lying to just boost your support for Ron Paul, right? Ron Paul has some good points and views, but he is definitely does not have as much experience as McCain and McCain has showed the courage of making practical but not-likable-by-all decisions as we have seen during CIR bill. My vote is for straight talking experienced tough man like McCain!

Brad  Bromage

Oops, missed the link on Tom Delay above - http://youdecide08.foxnews.com/2008/01/09/tom-delay-disses-mccain-calls-new-hampshire-win-a-blip/


"Also I don't see any point mentioning McCain supports abortion in your link above."

I didn't make that claim in this particular post, Brad. However, now that you ask, all of the local politicians who were mentioned in that article do. It is pretty well known around here. It's also pretty well known, for regular readers of Life of the Party, about John McCain's support for abortion in the cases of rape and incest, and for his support of federal funding (totally unconstitutional) of embryonic stem-cell research. These are all violations of the unalienable right to life. I'm surprised, Brad, as often as you come here to comment, you don't actually read this blog. Do you?

Do you still wish to call me a liar?

To be fair to McCain, it's accurate to say he is "mixed-choice". And nominating John McCain for president would be considered a "victory" for pro-choice Republicans and their "covert plans". You really should spend some time looking around this website, Brad.

And by the way, I'm not a huge fan of Tom Delay either, but that doesn't mean that everyone he hates is worthy of support.

Brad  Bromage

I am aware of his support of abortion in cases of rape and incest. I am fine with this because I am practical. Although I may not agree completely with any kind of abortions, being a man, I cannot comprehend what might be going on in a women's mind after a horrible incident such as rape. I can see why any female would prefer abortion in such cases.

Secondly, if you read the NY Times link above, you can see that McCain even supported NOT overturning (in short term) Roe vs Wade to avoid dangerous and illegal abortions. This shows his practicality and his courage to say tough but correct points in spite of making staunch conservatives unhappy.

>And by the way, I'm not a huge fan of Tom Delay either, but that doesn't mean that everyone he hates is worthy of support.

Similarly, just because some pro-lifers support McCain doesn't mean rest of us should hate him.

Doug Parris

Bless your dirty heart, Brad, I’ve missed your anti-conservative hate speech.
“I am fine with this because I am practical” absurd.
Had you lived in Germany the equivalent position would have been to oppose the extermination of ALL Jews, but “be fine with” gassing the ones that were unemployed and a drag on welfare becaue you are “practical.” Killing people is killing people, Brad.

You say you “cannot comprehend what might be going on in a woman’s mind,” and then directly contradict yourself in the next sentence by saying “I can see why any female would prefer abortion…” Well, Brad, millions of women have damaged themselves, emotionally, beyond any repair, save for the intervention of God, by killing their own children based on the kind of irrational, half-baked, self-contradictory sophistry Planned Parenthood spews and you repeat. PP knows this. N.O.W. knows this. They’re hiding it.

John McCain has the “courage” to take the positions that are clearly wrong, but get him face time and a favored position with the left wing media. What courage! It’s like the gunman who has the “courage” to rob banks. He is the liberal’s favorite republican. Not surprised you like him.

“…just because some pro-lifers support McCain doesn't mean rest of us should hate him.”
No, Brad, lefties like you should support him because he doesn’t actually believe in the personhood of the unborn, is willing to eviscerate American Business to appease the Anti-human, anti-technology Environmental fraud lobby, will bring a hundred million criminal Marxist-leaning foreigners into the country within a decade to swamp our social programs and ruin the economy on a faster track than you could do without him and opposes the free speech that has the potential to free American’s minds from the lies you continually spin. He’s your guy.

Brad Bromage

No, I am not ok with killing of Jews - that is different from what we are discussing here.

Looks like you are ok with dangerous illegal abortions. If all abortions are made illegal, then do you really think that women would deliver the child they bear after going through a hideous rape? Not only a female would have gone though rape, now she would be searching for some underground illegal abortion.

This is what is being practical - It does not mean killing people. Just because I am practical doesn't mean I am leftist. Leftists support abortion (in the name of women's right or other crap) no matter what. I don't support that - Period.

Its the problem with All-or-Nothings folks like you that we are having trouble overturning Roe vs Wade in-effect continuing the killing of many innocent children.

Also regarding your comment earlier that I should read your blog more to know that few folks were Pro-Choice Republicans - You are right, I don't read every post on your blog. I read what interests me. I live nowhere near Seattle and I do not have the time to read every post of the blogs I visit. I read what I care most and what interests me.


How is it different from what we're discussing? Why do you oppose abortion in the first place?

And further, as long as abortion is legal for rape and incest cases, it is legal for all cases. How would the abortionist obtain proof of rape or incest before doing the abortion? No. It's the compromisers that keep Roe vs. Wade from being overturned. The compromisers actively oppose every effort to overturn it. The compromisers have passed plenty of child killing regulations, and still, Roe vs. Wade stands and is even further entrenched with their child killing regulation bills like the "partial birth abortion ban", which reiterates a woman's "right" to abortion.

When abortion is finally illegal, yes, we still might have unsafe, illegal abortions. But far more babies would live, and when the abortionists are caught, they will be brought to justice for their acts of child killing.


Brad --
So are you ok with dangerous legal abortions? Do you have any idea how many women have been hurt or killed by legal abortion? McCain, McKenna, et. al don't give one hoot about women hurt by abortion. If they did they'd be cracking down on all the quacks -- who operate IN THIS STATE, not some far way fantasy place that pro-lifers made up, and are hurting women every day of the year.

I would love for all you pragmatic types to get the facts instead of spewing off abortion industry propaganda. The rape exception is a tool used by the abortion industry to get people like you on their side and remain silent. Women who have actually been raped, as opposed to people who are using them for political/financial gain, and had abortions say that the abortion actually compounded the trauma of the rape. Many are pressured into it because of the feminist ding-dongs running the anti-male domestic abuse clinics and hotlines. They are encouraged to abort because, of course, "no women would deliver the child they bear after going through a hideous rape." Maybe if she had enough love and support from her community, family and friends instead of being pushed off to the abortion clinic because that's what THEY want her to do, she'd find what every person needs in the face of adversity. But no. Instead of being encouraged to bring something good out of something bad, a woman is told she can use violence as the solution to a problem. This is something totally contrary to a woman's vocation to motherhood and her own womanhood. (And people actually wonder why there is so much child abuse!)

So, not only are you ignorant about rape and abortion, you know anything about women.

Your so-called pragmatic solution to the aboriton issue is in fact an extremely inhuman and unworkable solution to the problem of rape and abortion. And THAT is very unpragmatic.

Killing a Jew in a concentrtion camp isn't the same as killing a defenseless unborn child?! "This is what is being practical - It does not mean killing people." And people have the nerve to say Ron Paul is a loon! I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the only sane person running.

For the best information and commentary on the exploitation of women by the abortion industry I recommend these resources:
Get informed Brad.


P.S. the only reason the McCain-Giuliani-McKenna-Munro-Abortion Industry "rape" and "dangerous illegal abortion" shtick works is because of people like you. You've got a brain. Use it.

If you've got a heart, read these testimonies and then tell me you think the abortion industry needs to continue to get a free pass --

Brad Bromage

>So are you ok with dangerous legal abortions?

If its legal on rape cases, legal doctors would be involved and not 'agents' as when its all illegal. Thats why the word dangerous/unsafe illegal...

>Maybe if she had enough love and support from her community, family and friends instead of being pushed...

You are right, but what makes you think that suddenly a women will have all the love and support the moment abortions become illegal even on rape cases. Women who might be deprived of any care has no option of legal abortion too and may resort to suicide. This is what is being practical. In your solution we loose both the life of mother and child as opposed to one and you ask me if I got a heart?? You will have to consider the cultural and religious aspects also here, some of which may be very different from Christianity.

>..exploitation of women by the abortion industry...

No doubt about it. My point is only w.r.t rape cases and so I do not strike down McCain. I don't know why you are falsely accusing me of calling Ron Paul a loon which I never did. I agree with Ron Paul in many cases but consider McCain as best candidate based on his experience and strong leadership to take on tough issues like immigration problem.


What are you talking about? What are "agents"? 90% of all "illegal" abortions were done by licensed doctors. After legalization they just kept on doing what they were doing. That's why the pressure to legalize abortion came from doctors not women who were raped or otherwise! The man in this state who put up the money ($10,000 in 1969) to legalize abortion here was a doctor doing illegal abortions. He wanted to get more business but he needed it legal. Get it?

Legalization doesn't make something "safe" or change the nature of it.

The "facts" you've been relying on have changed. Your whole narrative about abortion, illegal or legal is complete fantasy.


Regarding calling RP a Look. I wasnt' referring to you. I was referring to "some people".

McCain's approach to abortion is the same as yours and your've shown in your comments how insane it is.

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