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January 08, 2008


Doug Parris

Beautifully written, Michelle. You say he returns an unused portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year; well, the way he's not spending money, it looks to me like he's going to have a large, unused portion of his campaign resources left over in November. It seems to match his consistently modest approach to everything. No big plans. Just the Constitution... and "non-intervention." And grassfires lit on his behalf in places not accustomed to fire... or even grass.
This is a watershed year in America, like 1980 and '88. 1980 launched the great Reagan era, saving our economy and defeating Communism, and built a winning Republican coalition, but the wrong choice in 1988 began the dissassembly of that coalition that finally came to fruition in 2006-2008. We need a Party that will offer the American People a real answer. We are nearing a national polarization of Civil War proportions.
It is time to demand, not suggest, the basics from our candidates. We can no longer tolerate politicians who don't understand the fundamentals of the Republic, who run on promises that violate the Constitution as a first order of business.
We can no longer tolerate political professionals who condone the slaughter of innocent people as a "compromise."

Timm Knibbs

The Sanctity of life Act does declare the personhood of the unborn from conception.


Yes, Tim. Thanks for pointing it out again. It is also stated in the above endorsement.

Nathan Sheets

"While Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid." --Ron Paul


True, Nathan. But he has demonstrated that he would state in the law that life begins at conception in the law. When that happens, I believe pre-born children become protected by the 14th Amendment in the Constitution. States would have the responsibility of protecting life, but under his proposed law, if it makes it to the federal level, it seems to me that they would be protected.


I am prolife too and have endorsed Ron Paul. Michelle you will probably want to have yours added to the campaign website. (See link. My endorsement is under veterans


Ron Paul says:

U.S. Out Of Iraq
Mexico Out Of U.S.

I thank my God for Dr. Paul's heart.
I thank Dr. Paul for Hope, and I dedicate myself to his campaign.
America- Pray Daily For Our National Hero.
America- There Will Never Be Another Now. Admit it and act.


This is a good article. Thanks for posting it. I like the illustration from "A Man for All Seasons". A slight clarification - Paul's most recent bills on this are H.R. 1094 (The Sanctity of Life Act) which deems life to begin at conception and authorizes the states to protect life at all levels and H.R. 300 (The We the People Act) that removes jurisdiction from the Supreme Court and district courts over matters arising from the states enacting laws against abortion. In 2005 he had sponsored a bill that had these two concepts combined. H.R. 1095, as you mention prohibits federal funding.


Michelle, will you be supporting Ron Paul this time around as well?

He sounds like he has a much better chance of getting the nomination this time around as long as people can figure out that Ron Paul is indeed prolife.

Ron Paul Shirts

Wow, thank you for this wonderful endorsement of Ron Paul, Michelle! So many of the folks I talk to about him are just dead-wrong about his position on abortion. It's refreshing to see someone actually gets it. I read a lot of blogs that are very misleading to folks about Ron Paul's pro-life stance. Thanks so much. I have bookmarked and will share this from now on to help me make my point.

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