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January 23, 2008



If you listen all the way through you'll hear another question from someone about the bill (that failed) to prevent the transportation of minors across state lines . RP says he didn't support it becasue he felt that "it enshrined Roe" and "was poorly written". Also that his lack of support was something he got a lot of "heat" for from the "Right to Life community" because he was so "technical" about the Constitution.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who is "technical" about the Constitution?

Maybe we could get these bills written correctly in the first place. I know the president doesn't write the bills, but he could certainly advise and promote well written laws.

Mary E

Yes indeed.
The whole thing has got me thinking about the national pro-life strategy (if there even is such a thing).
Reaffirmation of personhood it seems to me is the only thing that's going to work in the long run. A law against the transport of minors against state lines would do nothing to stop ESCR or the other Frankenstein projects that are occuring in this country. We will not return the right to life to the unborn through legislation and allowing Roe to stand, and or even reaffirming it as Dr. Paul asserts in the transport bill, and as some pro-lifers asserted on the PBA ban.

mary E

P.S. That was YOUR question. I just got to ask it.

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